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07 April 2009 @ 11:05 pm
I just want to make a note  
I post a lot here, as you know (by the way, I bought a rename token, so carlosoliveira will be forever redirected to samanosukesgirl), and they're all members only. Reason being is because I just have basic cable with my Photobucket account, so I wish to preserve my account's bandwidth as I post a lot often.

Anyone who's just watching the community won't see any of my entries (except for this one.)

With that, I wish to remind everyone that I clearly have no objections whatsoever with anyone posting what I've uploaded across the web. My wish is that people upload them to their own server or Photobucket account or any other free image hosting site, so if you see any that I've uploaded (user account name is carlosoliveira), would you be so kind to inform them and tell them to upload them on their own account? I would appreciate it; and I'll try to remember where I got them from, too, because I feel extra terrible for forgetting. ;_;

And on that note!!

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